Seeking Peaks brings together women who love to surf, or would love to learn to surf. We are hard at work building the Community that will be at the center of the Seeking Peaks community. Register now to experience all that Seeking Peaks has to offer!

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    Connect with other community members to find surf buddies in your location that match your interests & skill level. Schedule meetups and even share location in real-time to make finding each other on the beach super simple!

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    Build your online profile so others with similar interests can find you! Build your community ranking by engaging with other members of the community and participating in Seeking Peaks events & activities.Share only what you want to share with privacy controls.

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    Clubs & Groups

    Create a club or group within the Community. Any ideas from local surf clubs to international travel groups are welcome!

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    Discussion Forums

    New to surfing? Post a question. A seasoned veteran? Lend a hand and share your expertise!

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    Quickly see the relevant information you want to see based on your interests. Find articles, videos, event information, gear promotions, friends’ activity and upcoming event information.

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    Find events in your area to connect with community members and sponsors.

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    Get the first look at all of our favorite products from many different vendors. Clothing, gear, travel, art, jewelry, instructional videos and more!

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