Seeking Peaks is a women’s online surf network. Simply put, yeah it’s a surf club. But it’s a surf club that wants to connect water women from coast to coast and peak to peak, to learn, love, and live the world of surfing. Part instruction, part community, part feminist platform, part rumination on the daily practice of surfing, Peaks wants to provide a virtual and real world forum for those who do a surf check every time they drive by the coast and seek like-minded neck-craners to play in the water with them.

A Daily Practice

Peaks is eager to remedy the frustrations that women in particular face when surfing whether they’re beginners, in love with the sensation of riding a wave, or long term experts perfecting their style. As anyone who surfs knows, surfing is a daily practice that requires knowledge, experience, and determination. And while paying dues whether in an impossible paddle-out or crowded line-up are common denominators of learning, Peaks believes that tips, advice, and camaraderie shared on an online platform with real-time connections and partnerships can make what is often a challenging, if rewarding lifelong journey, more attainable and fun. Seeking Peaks takes surfing seriously while committed to taking ourselves with the deepest irreverence possible. As surfing becomes ever more popular making beaches and breaks more aggressive and exclusive, Peaks wants to encourage those of similar mindsets to find fulfillment and friendship amidst the waves.


Seeking Peaks in a surf club that doesn’t care about your ability, years of experience, or local cred. We value reverence for the water, irreverence for ourselves, and a commitment to take pleasure in the smallest of achievements both of ourselves and our surf buddies. We feel strongly that collective cheering on a perfectly executed turn or simply a beach buddy to commiserate on low 50 water temps makes surfing so much more fun. If you’re gonna wipe out (which you will) far better to have a buddy make fun of you over a post-session beer and share their own highlight reel than to wallow in your own perception of failure. Furthermore, everyone likes to be a local so why not have a built in community if you choose to find warmer waters or different ways. This way you don’t have to be that tourist getting caught in the notorious kelp patch but get the best spots from fellow friends who know the friends and foes (humans and aquatic). From a daily surf buddy to surf trip connisseuse, this is like your middle school French pen pal and favorite recess companion on a non-doped equivalent of steroids.


Surfing, especially if you weren’t put on a board at six months which is basically like being in utero, can be a frustrating and solitary craft to learn. From deciding on fin-set-ups to deciphering buoy readings, surfing is complicated and challenging and most don’t share their secrets. While a lot seem to adhere to the “I walked uphill both ways to school” we believe that the more you know and understand, the better and more respectful surfer you’ll be. And while practice really does make you better, so do some simple tips and lessons.

Feminist Platform

We seek to redefine the parameters and expectations of surfing for women. A lofty goal perhaps but when female surfers can’t find wetsuits that fit, are chased from the water, and when killing it are said to have ‘balls’we think there has tobe some shaking up of the surf world. Whether itbe reviewing the newest of wetsuits or connecting you to a 6am surf buddy, Seeking Peaks wants to help. We’re kind ofdoing this for ourselves and want to extend the invitation to anyone else who would like a friendly face and vibe in the water.

Seeking Peaks is also whatever we choose to make it. So if you just want a super-cool sticker and like to hang out on the beach, we welcome you, especially if you bring coffee or cold beer.